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Deleting images from my notes (apparently?)

Chris Edgar 4 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 5
New to the program. First thing I do is copy-paste a OneNote text note interspersed with images into a new note in Nimbus. Looks fine, everything's great. I'm impressed.

A bit later, I notice all the images are gone. This happens repeatedly. The program shows the images, but in a while they are gone.

Bug? WAD? Is it not supposed to be allowing images?
Under review
Hello, Chris

1) Problem only with images from OneNote?

2) Did you sync your notes? Do you see your notes with images here - https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/ ?

(NOTE: This online e-mail program keeps occasionally, and seemingly randomly, putting my cursor somewhere else in the document while I am typing. It's very frustrating!)

Answer to (1): I tried pasting in from Evernote and it did the same thing (please see below).

Answer to (2): I did not manually sync it. I did not look at it in the browser client, but see below about that. I I imagine it sync'd it automatically, since I left it a long time afterward. It looked like this in the Nimbus app:

(that little spot where it says "Machine generated alternate text" is where one of the images was)


Further testing (and answer to (1) and whether I saw images in browser client):

The original OneNote document had some rather large images, so I thought that large images be the problem.

Since I'm also trying Evernote, I recreated the document in full by reformatting (mostly bolding and using bullets) and copy/pasting smaller versions of the images (shrunk to around 300x300) into it from GIMP.

I then copy/pasted a sample of the text+images into Nimbus. It did the same thing.

I have just created another one, and am now watching it very closely, and will document it below:
So far, it looks like this in Evernote:

I now copy it in its entirety (CTRL-A, CTRL-C) from Evernote, and then paste it into a Nimbus note. It looks good:

I sync it. Still looks good. When I look at it in the browser client, the images do *not* show, though.

I've had it up for about a half hour and the images are still there. I'll update this to let you know if they disappear from the app.
Aaaand they're gone from the new note now. Interestingly, it took one of the images -- an image of a USB SD card reader that was part of that document -- and now it's the assigned image for a different note that never had that image.
Steps to recreate problem in my experience:

(1) In Evernote, create a note that contains formatted text including bullets and bolding (not sure if this is essential to it, but just in case). Copy some reasonably-sized 300x300 or so images from GIMP (right-click, select "Copy image" or something like that) and paste them into the document.

(2) CTRL-C copy the text and images from the Evernote images, then paste them into a new Nimbus note.

(3) Sync. Leave it alone for a couple of hours, then come back.

Thank you! We will try to fix this problem.