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just purchased nimbus note subscription invoice 17391, and now nimbus does not work. can't capture video!

Jack Puleo 1 year ago in Nimbus Notes - Chrome • updated by Gleb Khegay 1 year ago 12

Now I cannot capture video. It used to work like a charm. I thought I was getting some value by buying the subscription but now the video capture does not work. There is nothing to say an error has occurred or where to get help. What the hell!!!

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Can you send more details? Do you see any errros?

no errors. nothing to tell me anything much less what is wrong. the video capture editor no longer shows in Chrome.

I would send you a screen video but I can't!!!nimbus after 2 minutes of 'recording'.PNG

the attached image is a snip of what the record buttons and timer look like. Meaning, no time is elapsing even though I've hit record!  You guys are wasting my time and you've taken my money.

Please try to restart browser. Maybe it is browser error. Or you can try to reinstall app.

Unfortunately there are problems that do not depend on us.

I've restarted twice. it worked great before I installed your Note extension so I could convert to mp4

Ok. please try to uninstall note app. Or we can try https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ ?

I've uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled twice. 

No good.

I've lost over two hours of my life that I'll never get back.

Please refund my $14.99  Invoice #17391

Thank you.

Can we try https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ ? It is strange problem and we need to resolve it.

I don't know that my company would appreciate giving you access. I would like that to be the last option, if at all.  Did you look at my screen shots? I click on 'Record Video" and I get this:

"Resume" and "Stop Recording" are both enabled. The counter never increments. I'm a programmer and can tell you this is an obvious bug. IMHO

So, tell me this. When I click the 'Record Video" and I share using this screen:

 What should happen then? What should I expect to see?  Before I subscribed to Note, I would get a Chrome tab with a video editor in it. When I stopped sharing I could add comments to the video and save the video. That does not happen any longer. 

Do you have same problem with tab recording?

I hadn't any use for Tab recording so no, I hadn't tried it. I just did and it appears to work.

It does what application recording used to do. The video editor opens and I can save, share, and convert to mp4.

is that the answer to my question? You know..the one I asked and you did not answer. "WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT TO SEE?"

In your case there will be sharing of the Entire screen or just application windows. So the browser addon allows your to record video of your whole screen, not only browser window.