Я хочу, поиск Google, не Яндекс!

Категорически не хочу и не люблю поисковую систему ЯНДЕКС!!! В спид даяле должна быть опция смены поисковой системы либо убрать её вообще
Under review

Почему перестало работать расширение Speed Dial,как восстановить все вкладки?Пишет на значке NEW

Yuriy Popov 3 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 2 months ago 188
Перестало работать рассширение Speed Dial FVD-New Tab Page 3D Sync!После установки новой Chrome!Как всё восстановить?


Spacing between dials

I would like to be able to modify vertical and horizontal spacing between dials.
Also I personally don't use "show url" in my dials and would like this free space below dials to disappear.
Also spacing between left and right side of the screen could be adjustable.


Matt Dutt 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by Aleksey Al 3 years ago 1

Please add the ablity to increase dial size above the current limit, and the ability to increase the space between each dial with a customizable width.

Add a color option for the group tabs, and a group tab size and position option

Under review

Слетают диалы

Удалил, потому что в очередной раз удалились все диалы, и сраная синхронизация нифига не восстанавливает, несмотря на то что я делал всевозможные копии и резервы, дерьмо а не приложение, из-за не стабильности и слёта диалов.


Change search engine please

Eric VanLandingham 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by Rubén Ponce 3 years ago 1
I'm with everyone else, there should definitely be an option to select your preferred search engine. Personally I want google, not fvd search.

Arranging thumbnails freely with gaps

carsten schaefer 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated by JeeperDon 3 years ago 3

In a development environment, I need to have quick access to several pages on several instances (dev, test, PROD). I organise this by a matrix where each column is one environment.

my problem is, with SpeeDial for chrome, I cannot arrange it because all icons line up left to right without being able to insert a free space thumbnail (it even could be the + thumb). Not all environment have all the pages like others (a cluster may not have a config page, but DEV and test would, etc.)

Please arrange that I can freely position any Thumbnail wherever I want INCLUDING a spacer thumb like the + ones:

[PROD Home][TEST Home    ][DEV Home]

[      +            ][TEST Console][DEV Console]

[      +            ][TEST Settings][DEV Settings]

Do you see my problem?



[Update] Using an about:blank killed whole SD!! Even import was not working anymore I guess as of the "cannot get pagecontent http://about:blank" something went internally wrong in the database - check error console. Even import did notn work and got stuck in Step2. Had to re-install - here I am struggling with refreshing my dials all at once - others have reported issues as well


home page and firefox 3D speed dial

Sandra_Sue 4 years ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome 0

What happened to the "make this my homepage" button?  And when is Firefox going to get the fvd speed dial in 3D?