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What other choice do we have besides this FVD Speed Dial ?
WHat are u thinking of using ?

Hi ... U asked for this 4 years ago ?

I raised this up 4 months ago and nothing has been done ... disappointing ?

Why is this marked as "Completed" in my profile ?
We still cant drag and drop dials to re-order them properly vertically and onto empty rows....4 months already ..
Come on pls...

Also looks like this feature has been requested few years ago ... 4 years ago and somedoy said it will be transferred to the dev team...

Here is the previous request ->

Yeah ...Disappointing that we ARE BEING FORCED  to use something that we dont want ... The search engine is a critical productivity tool .... How difficult is it to add an option in a drop down box????

Hi ... Is it possible to bump this up ? So that we can drag and drop dials to the next row ? Right now you just CANT reorder the dials properly. We are limited to horizontal sorting . We cannot sort vertically properly ... 

Row 1 - 5 dials ( Dials 1a,1b,1c,1d,1e )
Row 2 - 1 dial ( Dials 2a ) Note - 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e are empty

I cant move 1a to 2b
I cant move 1e to 2e

Thank you.
Do i mark  this as CLOSED ? or leave it as it is ?