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Do you mean find the video in FVD download extension? Here it is red marked. Click on the button and the download folder opens. 

Hi, show the screenshot of task manager please. Probably, there are some other addons or applications?

Write your Firefox version please. 

Спасибо за пожелание. Мы сообщим нашим программистам о вашем предложении. 

Your login for FVD speed dial. Your e-mail that you use to login. 

Write your login please.

So,is FVD speed dial working normally now? 

Please check whether this option is ticked or not:

What is the version of your Firefox. What kind of addons are installed besides FVD speed dial. Probably, they are affecting each other?

So, you would like a search engine in English like google or yahoo. Than, why not to use our another addon where you can choose your searching engines? - Live start page

Does it happen repeatedly? Have you tried to restart Fvd speed dial?