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Do you have an update on this item? I know others were getting this as well. I am only getting this on one computer.

If you run the program and then do a sync, does it still give you the message? I got this but it went away after restarting a couple times and then running the program again.

All workstations I use are Windows 10. There are variations of build versions  though. 

Firefox and Chrome extensions install with no issues and run correctly. I do have an issue with backups which I brought up in a different bug report

I am trying to log into my account on the IE browser, I was wondering it that might make a difference. When I attempt to login from any EverSync/EverHelper page on IE, it gives this warning: Your browser is too old and is not supported by our service. Please update your browser according to these instructions:

If I go to the link provided, it gives options to download different versions of IE11, When you select the bottom two versions, it does not launch anything. I have tried on several browsers.

Removing the application and reinstalling does not help. Any other settings that I should check on this computer that might be different then my other computers?  It works on two other computers. For some reason, it gives the script message only on THIS computer

I got that during the update and the first couple times the program ran. After a while, this error message stopped appearing.

I installed it last week. I am going to request an update from the vendor now I see it has been brought up by other users.