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Problem is not gone. Still get the attached message .FVD_Speed_Dial_-_Financial.jpg

Login is:

BUT, that is an obsolete email address. Might we change the login to:

I assume SD automatically updates to the latest version? I have it set to do so.

Yes, I do. Whenever I click on it, it says that it is "Synchronizing" the FVD Speed Dial: ... Never stops, that I know of. Have never seen the "Start Synchronization" button opposite FVD Speed Dial...

That did the job! And, I selected a solid blue Speed Dial background. All is well!

It is the Silver Car Chrome Theme and Wallpaper. Here is the video:

Please inform me of a simple theme that will enable me to see all my bookmarks and, especially my extensions.

Don't see how to get to this window. I click on the FVD Synchronizer, and all it ever says is "Synchronizing."

OS 10.13.4; Yes, latest version of Chrome; not sure what my account login is - might you tell me how to find it: 16 dials with many more to come.

Don't see Gleb's update from "yesterday." No matter what I have attempted, I cannot lighten the color in the bookmarks bar. As you can see per the below, black is not a wise choice, and I see no way in which to lighten it. Certainly open to suggestions!

It is not necessarily the theme, it's the black background for the Bookmarks bar. I can't make out a number of them:

Thank you so much! I was able to get the background color to a blue, which I like.

Unfortunately, I'd also like a similar "Theme." Is that possible? As it is, the Theme colors make it more difficult to see my favorites bar etc