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Initially I was using Merge, but then when I found that the bookmarks weren't syncing to Firefox I then did the download. That's when they started getting deleted.

I was using Chrome. The new Firefox Quantum came out so I wanted to try that out. I wanted my bookmarks to be the same on both. I searched for a tool to sync. I found EverSync. I installed it on Chrome and synced up. I installed it on Firefox and synced up. It seemed to work. But after a few days I noticed that not everything was syncing to Firefox. I tried to pull down from the server to Firefox. That didn't work. I tried doing it to Chrome. Then the bookmarks disappeared.

I'm not getting my bookmarks back at all, am I?

It says "You don't have backups for this content type"

No, that's only a few of them. There were a lot more before I started syncing.