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okay,i checked my linux and its the same,the theme can only be changed to a picture(local file) or web address(URL) IN MY firefox in linuxmint and since my unix is command line it doesnt matter in that system

i got several emails about my settings and changing the theme in my linux,i will try to get the screenshot today for you,i have lots of other stuff going on including and not limited to work and testing the new preview version of windows10,i remodel walmarts,samsclubs,targets and biglots and kohls stores for a living so i am always getting calls to go somewhere with my crew.i just got back from college station,tx and will be leaving again this evening so i have to get some sleep before i fool with this issue of not being able to change themes like it says we can.there is no way to change the themes in firefox in windows x32 or x64 unless you know the exact url address of the theme wanted to put into the url setting(and i havent found address(url) listings listed anywhere) or use a picture on someones computer must be used in the local file setting area so i havent really gave it as much thought as i have my job..since i have been gone for work i havent been able to stop everything i have going on in windows to boot into my linux for this screenshot,i will try to remember to do this for you before i go to wisconsin this evening to get another crew started on a walmart..

all this started because it says we can use and change themes and in fact we cant without knowing the exact web address of the theme we want to got hung up on a picture i was using as my theme(the local file setting)that was saved on my pc and i wwas using it.then to demostrate that it can be done you put a theme address that you knew into the url area but you forgot or just didnt tell me where or how you got the url address of the theme you showed me which didnt help at all.

im very tired and probably not saying this in a way you can understand what im saying but its the best i can do at this moment(been on my feet for 37hrs straight)

a month of telling me there is a change themes button and now you are telling me theres not 1 in speedial in firefox,all this could have been avoided if you didnt constantly tell me where to change the theme at using a change theme button that doesnt exist.even your screenshot of yours shows a button that doesnt exist in mine.

i can send you 1 when my task is done copying some files,im running windows right now and have to shutdown and reboot,i have whats called a triple boot system,3 different operating systems,i am in the middle of getting my portable apps platform copied to my flashdrive and have a few hrs to go until its done,,it was copying while we were connected and i cant do it until thats done copying,it says i have 3 hrs to go..m running win10 preview edition and linuxmint and unix command line system and must completely shutdown to reboot into another operating system each on its own harddrive,,

so where do i find the URL list of addresses for changing the theme at if i have to either use URL or local file,i can change it with a list of URL's for the themes,pretty much all you have to do is look at your screenshot that you sent me to find the change theme button that i dont have in mine.

in linux there is a change theme button just like the 1 in your screenshot you sent me a few weeks ago,,there is a change themes button in your screenshot

i can email you another screenshot but you say you never got any of the 5 i sent from my windows system of the speeddial in firefox about a month ago

they tried to show me where to change the theme in firefox and thats not the issue nor the problem and is something that works and i know how to do,speeddial is the issue and the problem and JUST speeddial,nothing else is a concern in this matter

so the person that connected with me today says there is no change theme button in speeddial in firefox in windows10,even tho i have a change theme button in my speeddial in linux and you say there is a change theme button and even sent me a sceenshot of your speeddial settings and there is a change theme button on yours???my chrome is ok and has a change theme button but there isnt 1 in my firefox speeddial..i can change the theme in linux like you say with a change theme button but there isnt 1 in my windows,and whoever connected to me basically says you were wrong and this screeenshot you sent me with the change themes button showing in your speeddial is apparently fake since they say there is not a change theme button in firefox's speeddial.

i just sent you an email with teamviewer info ,its running and im sitting here.not even sure your here now.

i wil be in front of my pc at 10am to get with you.

im here again now,my repair is done and im inside again..i can be on here at 10am EST wednesday morn,(tomorrow)