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By "cannot see backups in FVD Sync" I meant under the SD backups tab in browser: 3rd screenshot, showing only 2 tabs&44 dials (the ones I'd starting to rebuild). Immediately after break could not see any.

I could however see 300+ dials backup under account tab (screenshot 2) and in EverHelper online database.

But, clicking Restore from EverHelper online database was not working. Trying it again just now-having done nothing else- it DID RESTORE dials!!  ?

-No actions I'm aware of caused this before. Firefox had auto updated to v62 but a few days prior.

-I've run Malwarebytes twice on this Mac, but that was over a week before break.

-Don't use any third party cleaners or firewall

For future reference where are local .sd backups stored? Spotlight search only shows one local .sd backup dated Jan 21 2018 that I had made.

Also, no longer seeing an option anywhere to save backups locally.  ?

Thank you, JH


What are you asking for by "Write your login please."?

See below for screenshots.

1-  SpeedDial after dials and tabs disappeared. The tab "Ent" is one I've started rebuilding since it happened.

2- Have since been able to see my account showing old backups. However, they do NOT show in back ups tabs (screenshot 3)

3- Only recent backups show. When FVD SD first started with all dials/tabs missing NO backups showed here.

4- SpeedDial Chrome backups.

5- EverHelper Premium Acct
6/7- Preferences