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FOLDERS!!! Please!!

Anne Horne 6 лет назад обновлен nimbusweb 1 год назад 3
Previous to using Slimjet/Chrome, I was using Opera. I really loved the ability to group tiles into folders with their built in speed dial page! EXTREMELY useful! I can have a Music group, then tiles grouped within folders for similar websites/bookmarks under that group! PLEASE add folders! I'm starting to look for other speed dials that have this capability! YES, it's that important! THANK YOU!

Seriously, there have been a lot of requests for this

+1 here for sure


I often search for links based on their folder. In this tool you can't do that. Searching for links are as important as saving them. When will you be adding the folders where links are placed on searches?

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I don't know exact date. It isn't simpel feature.

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