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speed dial 2 is not reloading the dials I get "error getting title I have one dial that has renewed, LBC radio

Glynn Trow 3 года назад обновлен nimbusweb 3 года назад 5

Glynn Trow   It has only happened today. Speed dial works fine on Firefox. The only program I was using at the time was Fsecure which is Talk Talk's security program. I have restarted the laptop which is running Windows 10.

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Can you send screenshot with problem?


We have fixed problem. Please try to update app.

thank you. I have refreshed all the dials. Everything is working perfectly now. Thank you very much.

I still have this problem. 

Auto Preview: "Error getting title" and a Sad face picture. 

How do you update the app???

Please wait some time. Or you can reinstall app if you use EverSync.

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