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Yazz 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 0

I'm not sure if chrome did this or my installed copy of Malware-bytes, but I backed up the files just in case. Also looking through them it seems the creators website/domain is Parked and uBlock auto-hides everything on it by default. Searching for the extension id still shows cached and translated result pages for it's page on the Chrome App Store but all the pages say the page doesn't exist (404) if you try to visit them.

To top it off I've seen other users posts from about a year ago saying they didn't like the latest version, so I found several archives of the old version and when I go to download any of them chrome try's to warn me that it's a dangerous file and wan't me to delete it. I told it to save anyway but surely one of the top 5-10 extensions for years wasn't secretly malware thee whole time!?

 The only way this could not be a lie (as they're virtually all small plain text based files making up the extension (and not many or large) when examined closely is that perhaps the extension relies on running hosted web code off a domain that got sold off or hacked - and malware injects into the extension from a modified file it access to run - I haven't traced all the code though so I can't say for sure... 

As a test I'm going to install the version from the good old days, renamed-id and manually, then hope it loads and give it a test.if it does rely on that parked site then it'll be blocked by uBlock anyway =) Malware-Bytes definitely thinks an the self proclaimed advertisement park-for-cash domain is dangerous and intercepts it with the Web filter [a firewall / domain blocklist]