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как удалить эту программу

Настя Данченко vor 5 Jahren • aktualisiert von hafiz yasir mughal vor 2 Jahren 12

как удалить??


Wtf ! i can't find my profile : Charlito !!!! That's too bad... #fail #failfail #failfailfail

charles viet vor 5 Jahren in • aktualisiert von sharifull kamawal vor 5 Jahren 2

Wtf ! i can't find my profile : Charlito !!!! That's too bad... #fail #failfail #failfailfail


Maxwell Sono

MaxwellSono vor 6 Jahren in • aktualisiert von imran ahmed vor 5 Jahren 1

Im Playing All Games And I Need More Than Of One


There is no sound

Avichayil Geller vor 5 Jahren in • aktualisiert von sharif kamawal mp vor 5 Jahren 3

Cant here vines on my mac with chrome browser


Several bugs

pergessle vor 5 Jahren in 0
While on the main page, for example in 'Last 7 days', when you click on the videos titles while you are watching it, the 10 tiles of videos that are behind go all blank and get mixed up and I end up on a random position.

While clicking on the next arrow to see all the videos, at some random vine the arrow is unclickable and I cant move on.

Refreshing the site changes the order of videos, videos should be ordered by date added so I dont have to skip the ones I already saw.

my photo

Ila Mukarramah vor 4 Jahren in 0
my instagram :)

the video is gray and fuzzy

Stephie Patterson vor 5 Jahren in • aktualisiert von Vera Álvarez vor 5 Jahren 0

Bernd Roberts

Bernd Roberts vor 5 Jahren in 0

VideoStir new technology

Israel Goldwaser vor 6 Jahren in 0

You can use VideoStir new technology to add a floating clip to your new website.

It's a DIY solution that anyone can use (automatic and takes 5 minutes).

It's very creative and cool.

Try it at


they need to delete the old vines and add new ones tf