PDF's show up as attachment's not note content and Evernote Import is useless

TomH 3 months ago in Nimbus Note / Windows • updated by Gleb Khegay 3 months ago 1

Most of my notes are simply a scanned PDF documents. I expect to see the attachment opened in front of me when I open a note. If I'm to migrate from Evernote it needs to import correctly, including all notes in notebooks and all notebooks in stacks or the equivalents in Nimbus.

Hello! We don't have option to view PDF files directly in the note body. You can use it in attaches only.

About evernote import. We checked this function and it works good at us. Please check the following:

1. Make sure that you exported all notes (selected all notes or all notebooks before export). Evernote demands that user should select content to Export.

2. You will get Evernote.enex file for example. This file you should Import in Nimbus Notes Windows desktop version:

3. There is another, more reliable way to export database from Evernote to Nimbus Notes. In Evernote go to Tools -> Options. In General tab click on Open Database folder:

Look at this .exb file. This is your Evernote Databse. Copy it somewhere on your PC where you can easily find and access it. Or just copy the path to the file.

This database file you should import to Nimbus Notes the same way

This way you won't lose any note from Evernote.

Let me know whether these instructions helped you or not. If you still have troubles with export or some other functionality, describe it here.