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I think it prevented my pc to wake up from sleep mode.

2010 8 months ago in Nimbus Note / Windows • updated by François Wizzu Marchand 7 months ago 4

Since I installed the Windows desktop NN, my computer freezes with blank screen when trying to wake up from sleep mode. Not sure 100% that it's the software, and if the problem persists now that I've uninstalled it, I'll let you know.

Under review


Ok. pleas write me if problem will repeat. It is strange.

(It's me again ☺ but signing in with Google)

There you have it... since I uninstalled NN desktop, my PC doesn't freeze anymore when waking up from sleep mode.

It's a Pentium 2020m powered Acer laptop with Windows 8.1. I could post the full specs if you want, but right now I'm a bit busy and as I'm not even sure you'd be interested, I'll wait for you to ask.



No reminders. During my short use of NN I just clipped a couple of web pages with the Firefox plugin, synchronized with desktop app, and add a couple of manually written notes. Nothing else.