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looks like evernote.we need somethig cleanner. think out of the box.

driellefs 5 days ago • updated 5 days ago 4
Under review


Can you send some suggestions?

Well, i'm sure i don't talk for all of the users here. I like the folder options and tags. But wish it was more like a simpler version of Notion with the design of Keep. Personally when i take notes i don't need many font options or features.

It is difficult to make a simple design when there are many functions in the service. But we are trying to simplify and improve the design.

As for the editor - we are working on a new editor, where we greatly simplify his work

well, i see you care enough to reply these comments so you already heading towards the right direction, mate. keep studying and experimenting, i'm sure nimbus notes will improve. best of luck to the team.