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Cannot use it in commercial environment without a license

Felipe Romero 3 weeks ago in Nimbus Screenshot • updated by Gleb Khegay 2 weeks ago 1

Wanted a scrolling capture

grahamledger 3 months ago in Nimbus Screenshot • updated by Denis Pak 3 months ago 1

I absolutely hate the interface. Definitely not visually appealing at all

Cecily 4 months ago in Nimbus Screenshot / Windows 0

I was expecting something totally different interface wise and I really hoped it wouldn't look like the old school notepad app lol terrible 


Whatever Nimbus's spyware or other odd process is that invoked our safeties, it stopped this from infecting the system. Free isn't always good, I wanted to try it, sorry guys.

bob 5 months ago in Nimbus Screenshot / Windows 0

You folks need to explain the process of what your browser process is that triggers the antimalware/antivpyware, A/V, but unless/until you do, I won't be trying Nimbus again. Sorry



Spent 6 months ago in Nimbus Screenshot / Windows 0

Love the Chrome extension so download for my Windows 7 desktop... but it just keeps crashing.


Automatic fragment/region detection

dbwadams 6 months ago in Nimbus Screenshot / Windows 0

Some screen capture programs automatically detect different types of areas.  For instance, if you open a document in a document viewer you have tool bars, a document viewing area and maybe a navigation pane and the screen capture program would automatically detect only that area when you moused over it while the screen capture program was active, allowing you to capture just that area without having to click and drag.  This is the feature I am looking for.


Did not leave. Update issue.

srj35501 6 months ago in Nimbus Screenshot / Windows 0

It keeps wanting to upgrade to 4.1.1 when the update was ran.  Thought uninstalling it and reinstalling would work.  The title bar still says 4.1.0