Appeared to download all files in tmp folder, but didn't create the final video file

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I downloaded several videos, each of which appear to have all the pieces in their own tmp folders, along with an init_audio and init_video file, but the final video wasn't created. The videos are no longer available online (otherwise I would just download again), is there a way to create the video file from the tmp folder?

The same problem. Firefox Last Version 57.0

I have been able to download other videos successfully from the same location, I think my computer may have gone to sleep after the files downloaded but before the videos were able to be compiled.

It was not my case. I was waiting for the download to complete and there was audio and video separated in a temporary folder

I have the same problem.  Videos get all the way to 100% downloaded but will not finalize.  All temp files seem to be there and both init video & audio files are there.  I hope this can be fixed!  In the meantime, has anybody figured out how to use the temp files to finalize the video?  Current version of Firefox Quantum, 57.0, on Windows 10 PC.

I have the same problem.

can you send us the link of the video you download?

No I cannot.  It is embedded video.  First several videos downloaded fine though, now they get to the very end but won't finalize.


Same problem here.  It's a pain in the ass, but you can manually join (mux) your files using the free command-line tool ffmpeg.  Google for the download site.

The parameters to use are:  ffmpeg -i _video.mp4 -i _audio.mp3 -c copy myfile.mp4

Where _video.mp4 and _audio.mp3 are the files to be joined (muxed), and myfile.mp4 is the resulting output file. 

Please, leave us the link to the video and tell you OS and browser version. It should work fine, but doesn't work on Windows XP and Vista

See my post in the other (same issue) thread.

I am assuming there is no answer since when I click on any of the links, the server is not running or can't be found.
And I guess I just got scammed buy purchasing their add-on app...

What did you purchase? We don't have paid version of Downloader.

Do you still have this problem? Video you download don't merge?

I still have the same problem. at 100% of streaming the green download button changed to cancel with yellow color. Nothing happen after that. I have tried many times but the same error.


WOW, all these problems for a FREE add-on.  I wish I could have at least one problem with FVD I can't solve myself then I would complain about it.  Maybe that's the problem, that it's someone else's fault so I'll complain and let them sort it out.  Just be thankful you get the add-on for nothing!