I can't download videos in Full HD(1080p) on YouTube

Teodor Pstrusiński 5 years ago in FlashVideoDownloader • updated by Ron Comstock 2 weeks ago 15

I can't download videos in Full HD(1080p) in webm format but the video on YouTube has 1080p option.


post example URLs

some videos do not have all video  formats



Right now, 1080 goes without audio file. We can make it to download but it will be without sound file.

MP3 goes separately.

Unfortunately, we had to turned it off, because users start download it, notice that there is no sound and it will be much worse.

I agree with your decision. However, is there a chance that this issue will be fixed?

(While YouTubeDownloaderHD works, it can download only one video at a time, which makes it impractical for downloading several videos overnight, for example...)

Do they download with sound?

Can can you post link on them?

where can I find this extension? I don not see it on Mozilla

No, YouTubeDownloaderHD is a stand-alone tool, not a Firefox extension.

(It is portable, no installer and no elevated privileges required).

That's why i was uncertain in my first comment about whether the issues are caused by a change in YouTube or in Firefox.

I would appreciate if you can send link where I can download it from. We will look into how it's working and probably fix it in our extension.

thanks. we will check it soon.


I am having the same problem

Also wanted to chime in here. Yes, this has been a problem as of the past couple of weeks. The 1080p option doesn't show for any 1080p quality videos on Youtube. I hope this can be fixed soon, as the idea of using a standalone tool like Youtube Downloader HD is not appealing.