Flash video downloader android failure

Wesley Wallner 5 years ago in FlashVideoDownloader • updated by marcelo santos 11 months ago 21
Upon accessing an audio or video file and tapping the blue arrow, the file appears, but tapping it opens a "New file" prompt and downloading the file is impossible.
when I try to download a video the blue arrow appears and another page opens with the link to download. Click on the download link, however, doesn't start download and opens a new page with the video starting to play. I don't understand what is wrong. I'm using the latest version of the add-on.
I am having the exact same problem as Bob Baleia for 2 days.I am new in using FVD in firefox mobile browser.though I used FVD in desktop and I really love it.I have been using it for a long time in crome.plz plz plz .....fix this .....
Download and install the experimental version of Flash Video Downloader from the add-ons page....the latest is Jan 4th, 2014.
Don't use v.5.1.1,use and older version as this doesn't work I get the Blue Arrow tap on it and nothing happens, I am running Android 4.0.1 w/Firefox 26.1 Mobile Browser, FIX THIS THING NOW!!
tapping the blue arrow and getting nothing, used it all the time too. This is the second time it's happened. The first time I reinstalled Firefox n it worked but this time that doesn't help. Disappointing.

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