no longer works because of new Mozilla Update 64.0.2

Alex1 1 week ago in FlashVideoDownloader • updated by Gleb Khegay 4 days ago 3

Just updated to the latest version of Mozilla and now when I download a link it downloads as 3 separate parts video, audio nothing plays and I have the FVD downloader module 1,8 and it was working fine until latest Mozilla Update today.  

Please, give us the link to your video.

;list=OLAK5uy_k5ZoOfavbOOtwyUwtYWXZPqxXrZEwixss&index=7    The first 5 links were fine and than Mozilla did its updates.  Now any link I try since the Mozilla update downloads are very slow are separated into 3 pieces The MP4, video and music file which won't play.  Downloads are super slow and now the parts are no longer together even with Module.  Thanks.  

Try to reinstall addon please,

If it doesn't work, please, show us screenshot of the problem: