Downloads from youtube are deleted when complete

St.John III 3 months ago in FlashVideoDownloader • updated 2 months ago 8

Downloads from youtube are deleted when complete

Please, give us the link to your video. Or it happens to every video you trying to download?

It is every single video.

I am using Firefox Quantum 1.0 64 bit for Ubuntu.Canonical.

I have found that low quality videos (640x360 pixels) are not deleted, HD videos are.

Do you have FVD Module installed?

Add FVD Video Downloader?

It requires your permission to:

Access your data for all websites

... modify the browser's download history

Access browser tabs

- - -

You must be off your rocker.

I will under no circumstances allow you to access passwords for my web bank accounts, my private conversations, etc.

We don't ned your password and account data.

Are you using a youtube downloader ?? If yes then check the best tools on https://epsonsupports.net/blog/fix-reset-ink-cartridge-epson/ which will be compatible with the OS.

Now I have installed the FVD Module and the problem seems to have disappeared as I have been able to download two HD youtube videos.

Problem almost certainly solved - if not, I shall be back with a vengeance :-)