As of 10/18/2018 FVD no longer detects video on YouTube (but I CAN see downloadable files on other sites)

darklion81 1 month ago in FlashVideoDownloader • updated by Gleb Khegay 19 hours ago 5

Just as it says. Seems like youtube did something to hide them, because nothing has changed about my system.

Could you write the link to the videos please? 


Aas far as i can tell, I cannot download ANY videos from youtube, but I could from dailymotion (I didn't test any other sites.) I had downloaded one the previous evening (now two days ago.)

If this is not true for anyone else, why would this have happened to me and how can i rectify it?

EDIT: I just checked again and now it works... I don't know what happened, there was a period of 24 hours where I couldn't do it. I had tried restarting Firefox and computer, neither seemed to help at the time. Anyway, thanks for the response, but it appears the problem solved itself. I'll post if it happens again.

It looks like some videos on youtube are still not detected?

For example these are a few.