Download "N/A"

Gé van Gasteren 5 years ago in FlashVideoDownloader • updated by Jyothi 2 years ago 4
FVD has worked very nicely for me, but since a week or so, entries in the list of possible downloads on YouTube often have "(N/A)" and downloads start but terminate right away with 0K file size. It seems this is a new "feature" for people posting videos on YouTube rather than an FVD bug, but still I’d like to know what’s going on--and what could be done about it, of course :-)
Another, possibly unrelated thing is that I had two long downloads (1-2hrs) cut off just before the end recently.
Using Mac OS 10.6.8 with Firefox 27.0.1 and FVD 5.8.1
same thing happen to me. keep N/A on all download format at youtube.
I am using win7 with firefox 28.0 and fvd 5.8.1
please do something.
thank you.
Please: contact me fvdmedia@gmail.com
I don't know how, may because a cache things, but it work well after reboot systems.
thank you.

i just downloaded one video after that it was showing N/A 0kb. Please solve this problem