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knopiczka 7 months ago in FlashVideoDownloader • updated 7 months ago 9

Google Chrome Nod 32 sees this extension as
Trojan horse ? and blocks ...Firefox OK

Hi. Why not to try to put exclusion for FVDownloader in your Nod32?

Does your Nod32 see the extension in Google chrome or Firefox?

You can install another our downloader for Chrome if you have problem with it. 


only in   Google chrome

After installing Stream video downloader. Please let us know, whether you have problem with Nod32 or not.

Ok. We will inform our programmers about your suggestion.

On streams that's improssible to define the size of file as it contains many parts. Thus, it's impossible to define the size until you download it.

on these files and the previous version was OK. and now ?  I thought if it was OK before it can be repaired

video downloader professional   can