Bookmark Sync between Firefox, Opera and Edge (IE Favourites) not working properly

Dirk 9 miesięcy temu • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Gleb Khegay 9 miesięcy temu 1

I use the most recent version of the above mentioned browsers. I started with Opera and IE Sync which was already a big mess and I had to clean up tons of duplicates (>6.000 instead of 1.200 bookmarks). Now I needed Firefox and tried the extension there too to get my bookmarks. It downloaded my bookmars as expected but the sync does not work.

1) Sometimes duplicate empty folders are created

2) Deletion of bookmarks is not synced (any direction)

Hello! Please, tell us what is your OS, browsers and addons version. Do you use the latest update of EverSync for IE? https://www.everhelper.me/synchronizer.php

We've updated EverSync for IE couple days ago.

Please, write what exact actions you do, step by step. It will be very helpful