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bad update 1 year ago 0

Two days ago whenever i wanted to
download a video from a certain website your application would suggest 1
format of mp4, i could download and everything was just OK.
all the sudden(maybe since the update) the app cant seem to find a
single functional format and only offers unfunctional formats to videos
that can not be open.

Under review

FVD SpeedDial opens pages in the background during refresh in new windows

DavidSK 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 8

FVD SpeedDial started to behave arbitrarily and seems to open up pages that it is currently refreshing in the background of the browser (Firefox). The page even pops up in Mac OS Firefox for a few seconds, which makes SpeedDial unable to be used as it takes over the control. When you click the Firefox icon from the Mac Dock/Win Task Manager, you will see that each time a new browser tab opens in the background. This issue would need an immediate fix.

Under review

FVD Speed dial is freezing and locking up on Firefox browser latest update.

Lester Wilson 4 years ago • updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 4
Firefox latest update of browser is lock-in up and dials are trying to load up.


Dunkan Yaroslav 2 years ago 0

speed dials not showing

John C 10 months ago • updated by Gleb Khegay 10 months ago 1

In Firefox 61.0b.10 my dials have disappeared. I am using a background image which still shows. The Default tab still shows 15 dials and a tab I created shows 15 dials. I can right click on a tab and choose "Open all tabs" and they open. I am running Kubuntu if that matters. I also tried renaming the Storage folder and the default 9 dials did not show up.

Under review

Is there a way to change download location?

Remote 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 3

Is there a way to change download location?


no longer can complete downloads with firefox. saving saving saving but never finalizes

klacy 1 year ago 0

have not been able to complete one download since I added the upgrade do I get my old stuff back ?


FVD speed dial Can not arrange dials since update

Dbelleman 1 year ago 0

Well it updated and here we are again. Move a tile and it goes back.