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Isab Ella 4 years ago in Safe Preview 0

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Norton scan not working.

Bobby Phoenix 5 years ago in Safe Preview • updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 1

I'm using Firefox 24 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.  When I use Safe Preview the Norton scan displays "Enter secure image" while all the other ones work correctly.


Is there a pause option to stop downloading of movies

Priya 3 years ago in Safe Preview 0

Video download access options


Confirm Norton scan is OoS

DS0167 5 years ago in Safe Preview 0
Hello, have the same problem with Norton with Safe Preview. Otherwise this add-on is really GREAT !



Satria Pricilla 5 years ago in Safe Preview • updated 5 years ago 1


Provide a button 5 years ago in Safe Preview 0
At the moment I use the FF-addon Link Extend. But this is quite big, too slow and it doesn´t seem to be maintained. So I would prefer Safe Preview. But the most important feature I miss is a button in the FF-Toolbar/Addonbar which shows the security status of the CURRENT URL (not only a preview in google search results). This icon should (similar to Link Extend):
- show a kind of summary status of the current page (green, yellow, red). So you only have to click, it the status is not green
- when clicking on it: Show the individual results of Norton, WOT, etc.
- when further clicking on an individual result a new FF-tab will be opend with the official result-page of Norton, WOT etc.

Additionally: would also be a good idea to include in Safe Preview.


Cannot Disable Icons

Jan Cheah 4 years ago in Safe Preview 0
Want to use right-click context menu to scan links but don't want icons to automatically popup when mouse is hovering over links. It doesn't seem possible to turn off icons even if icons option is unchecked in settings. Thanks.