how can i access encrypted note via PC client?

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I have encrypted notes ( encrypted via the android app). i'd like to be able to decrypt them via the PC client in the same way as i can via my Android clients.....using the key etc. but i dont see any way of doing it on the PC client? nor do i see a way of encrypting via the PC client ( Windows 10)

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We will add this feature in PC client soon.


ok great thanks for the quick response. unfortunately this makes the solution not suitable for me as i have some notes that are encrypted and if i cannot ready them on the PC then the Sync is not effective. ( i could live with the fact that they can only be encrypted via a mobile device but not the fact that i cannot read/ decrypt the PC version)

I also look forward to accessing encrypted notes via the nimbusnote web client or PC client, but after two years, this feature seems to have made no progress. I am a little disappointed.

We made a new editor and there are minor problems in integrating encryption with the new editor. We solve these problems.

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