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imgur and Nimbus

Chris Gollner 3 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated 3 years ago 5

Signing into imgur using Google + authentication is broken if Nimbus addon is loaded. I've reproduced this several times, had initially contact imgur support and tracked it down to Nimbus. Its flashes on screen quickly but has words Oauth2, google drive and access denied all in the url bring passed.

Currently if I need to sign in to imgur, I have to disable Nimbus to achieve this.

Under review


Ok, we will check problem.


Do you use addon for iMgur? Can you tell me name of this addon?

Please check new version.

I dont use addons with Imgur. I just drag'n'drop images into the upload window. With Nimbus addon active, I can't signin. If I disable it, I can.

The new version seems to have fixed the problem. Thankyou.