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Scaled down PNGs with transparency are aliased when captured in full-page screenshot

John Jackson II 4 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated 3 years ago 7
1. Have HTML page with white background, showing a large PNG (e.g. 1000px) with transparency, e.g. a logo with text, but set to max-width of 100px.
2. Take full-page screenshot with Nimbus

Actual result as captured by Nimbus shows bad sampling / aliasing effect:

Expected result should be identical to what is shown in Firefox:

Nimbus Capture version 6.6.1
Firefox 40.0 under Ubuntu
Under review

Can you tell me url of this page?


This was on an internal website for which I can neither share the URL nor its content, sorry. Are you not able to reproduce the issue with the steps I outlined above?

No, we can't repeat this problem :(

Try this image here: Link

If you display it in a small browser window and take a screenshot of e.g. a selected area, you'll see that the result is full of aliasing artefacts.

Above is a screenshot taken with Ubuntu's built-in screenshot application.

Below is a screenshot of roughly the same area taken with Nimbus Screenshot:

Ok, i see. We will try to fix this problem.