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Is there a a nightly version for Firefox 34?

CAKCy 5 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated by CAKCy 5 years ago 4
I'm running Firefox Nightly (Fx34) and suddenly Nimbus Screen Capture (a fantastic product!!!) stopped working. Do you guys have a nightly version for me to download?

Thanks! :)
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Can you describe problem. Can't launch Nimbus or problem with capture ?
Wow! THIS is fast response! Thank you so much!

Nimbus launches fine, captures the image as it should, opens a new tab (for editing) as it should. The captured image appears in the top left corner of the browser tab and the editing tools do not respond.

FYI I tried Nimbus Screen Capture with Aurora (clean profile) and it works fine. (What I didn't do and I should've done was to disable my other add-ons in Nightly to check if that solves the problem).

If you say that Nimbus should work with Fx34 then I will take your word for it and start testing by disabling other add-ons.

Thanks again! :)
Ok, we will check on Nightly
Hello! :)

Do we have any update on this?