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Nimbus doesn't work on my browser

Pruebas 7777 5 years ago in Nimbus Capture / FireFox updated 5 years ago 6
(tried with the last Firefox versions) This is what it looks like: http://oi59.tinypic.com/2qasty0.jpg
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Hmm, please tell me version of your Nimbus Capture.
Hi, thanks for your answer. The version is the latest: 6.4.1
Please try to enable cookies in settings of Firefox.
I think they are already enabled... i didn't do any changes with cookies before it crushed. I don't know what it can be..
Thanks for your help.
But most likely problem in cookies. Open Firefox settings and go to tab Privacy. You then need to tick the option Accept cookies from sites - http://nimb.ws/97ru4p
Now it is Resolved. What i have done is to uninstall Firefox completely and reinstall it. Finally!
Thank you for your support.