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Nimbus Notes account

Jessica Eiler 1 year ago in Nimbus Notes - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 1 year ago 5

I use Nimbus Notes in my classroom with my students and we were trying to sign up for accounts today but we kept getting DNS error messages. We need the accounts in order for the students to be able to save their Nimbus screenshots. Can you please fix this or give me steps that I and my IT personnel can fix this, preferably before 0630 EST tomorrow? 

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Did you use web-client or login to Nimbus Capture for Chrome?

We use the Nimbus Notes Chrome extension as we are rather limited in what we can do on our school server. 


How do you login? Do you use Google+ auth for login? Can you send screenshot with DNS error?

I have been having them use Google+ to create accounts, as we use Google in our classrooms, typically. I've included the two responses we've been getting. When the students click on the Nimbus Notes extension and hit Register they see the response regarding the IP address. When they Google Nimbus Notes Log In and click on the Link, the request times out and they see the response regarding the DNS probe. We ran the Windows Network Diagnostics and it suggested we contact our network administrator, which I did but he said we have no issues on our end. I can open my Nimbus notes with no problem, but I'm already logged in and have an account. I have also included screenshots of what happens when I run the windows Network Diagnostic and view the Troubleshooting Report. I hope this information helps. Thank you for your prompt responses thus far!


Maybe problem in Firewall?