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amerifax 2 years ago in Nimbus Notes - Chrome • updated by Gleb Khegay 2 years ago 6

Is there a way to link a URL, giving you the ability to execute like clicking on the URL. The following I had copied and pasted into my note. But when you try to click on the https: it does not go to the link location.


How to execute a Link in Nimbus? It works like MS OneNote, CRT+K. But I can't get it to execute.



You cannot create link via copy / paste right now. We added it to our future task.

Now you can create links in your notes via this button:


I type in a word in my note.

I highlighted the word and clicked on the link symbol.

I select http://www.home2000.com also tried https://

I then tried to execute by clicking on the word that was taped in to the note, associated with the link.

It did nothing but sit there and stare at me.

Do I need to have the paid version. I have no problem paying I just don't know where to pay. I found no place to purchase within the program.


Yes. You did everything right. Let me show you, how I set links.


That is exactly what I'm looking for. But I might mention when you click on the link you open up to something that says Added Link. You have only one place to type in your link.

Mine opens up and asked for two different items.

Type: which can be anything from an email, file location or http, https.


is yours the paid version or the free version of Nimbus?


Let's make it clear. Do you use Nimbus Notes extension for Chrome? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nimbus-notes/haafigbapbpbpnmgcknnmilaaaimggpk?hl=en-US

I use regular free version.