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Changing fonts in Windows desktop app doesn't work

Matt 1 year ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated 4 weeks ago 7

I can't make any font changes in the Windows desktop app. I can make changes in the web version as well as in the Android version which then syncs across all implementations. But I can't change the font in the Windows desktop version at all.

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Can you describe your problem step by step? I can't repeat.


Nimbus Note 2.1.1, Windows 7

Click "New Note" button.

Type text in the body of the note.

Select and highlight the text.

Click on the font dropdown menu and choose any other listed font.

The expected behavior is that the highlighted text changes to the selected font, but nothing happens.

The steps perform as expected in the web implementation.



Still not working. Is this issue is analyzed for over one year? How long it will take to fix it finally?

The application itself is great but this particular bug is very very annoying.

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Do you have this problem in this version - http://nimbusweb.me/nimbusnote.exe ?


I have installed latest version available to download: 3.0.6 if this link is pointing to the same version, then answer is yes.

But I did some additional tests and the bug is not actually repeatable with the steps described by original issue creator user. When I create new note with current app version then the font change works fine.The problem is with the notes created with older app or android app - I don't know exactly which one because I don't remember when and what version I created most of my notes. There must be something invisible within the note, because the application behaves very strange, The font change problem is not the only problem I have. There is also strange behavior when copy pasting fragments of text within the note. 

Copy-paste whole note text to the newly created note also not solve problems. The only way to "clean" the text in note is to copy-paste text into some external notepad (and loose this way all formating) and paste the clean text into new note. After such operation the font change works. But I don't want to do it for all my notes. Maybe the functionality to see all invisible characters in note would be the best way to solve.

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Yes, my original steps above are not reproducing the bug anymore. I am now running version 3.0.6 on Windows 10.

But to slawekk's point, I have seen the same behavior, and have also had to "clean" copy-and-paste notes to clear all formatting.