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can not save

hakan tekin 7 лет назад в Nimbus Capture / FireFox обновлен GHdigi 6 лет назад 5

"save as picture" option is not working. when I click the button, the "save as.." dialog box opens and then, nothing happens.

I'm having the same problem. In Firefox 25.0 for some reason I am no longer able to save. I've been using this plug-in for months and now for some reason it will not save. Any suggestions?
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I need version of addon. opens and then, nothing happens. - Hmm, please open destination folder. Is there screenshot in folder ?
I'm using ver 4.0.2. It creates destination folder but when I hit save it doesn't save the screenshot. However it will print. Weird? This has been working flawlessly for months. Now it's not. This is my favorite plugin.
Can you update Firefox to current version ? Maybe problem in old API,

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