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"Send To Nimbus" functionality in Windows 10 Explorer (like Evernote)?

mafinokc 3 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 1

When looking at websites with a browser, I can save to Nimbus Notes with a right-click command. Evernote has the same function. However, it is also possible to send a disk file to Evernote using the "Send to..." right-click function in Windows Explorer. I tried to duplicate that with Nimbus Notes by putting a shortcut to nimbus.exe in the Sendto folder, but it didn't work. It would be extremely useful to have the same capability for Nimbus Notes as with Evernote. What are the chances that this function could be could be added to the program? Or is there a tweak we can add to the Registry to achieve that?

Under review


Ok, we will add thus feature.