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Nimbus & Firefox do not capture Articulate Storyline content

ttridley 3 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 6
We have Firefox 41.0 and have eLearning created with Storyline. Nimbus captures a blank white screen for this. Any help appreciated.
Under review

Please tell me url of page with this problem.

Hi - and ;thank you for your reply. The url is http://review.accell.com.au
but the login and password are sensitive.
This was Ok at the start, then I unstalled Nimbus because I wanted to show someone how to load Nimbus. The second time it didn't work. I repeated this on another pc with the same result.
It might be when there is a video playing in Storyline, although it is still not working when I pause the video.
Hmm,did you use Entry page option or selected area?
I can send you the login in a private email.
Ok, please send to fvdmedia@gmail.com