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Just migrate from Evernote.Team should take in consideration search hotkey. Search Hotkey should bring Nimbus from systray and focus on search. If this will be implemented i will start sharing this software as best alternative for Notes. Thanks

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We have search hotkey Ctrl+F

Ctrl+F will search only if Nimbus is active.

Let say we are working on Desktop and we want to read some note.  

In this case we need to activate Nimbuss then press CTRL+F to search.

Point is : With hotkey to bring Nimbus on top and be ready to search, even we are working on another window.

For more you can refer to SW called Search everything or Evernote too. Its gr8 future and need to be implemented.


Thank You. It will make it much easier.

Users will love it. 

Waiting for that update.

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