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cut & past in Windows 10 does not work

lwharding 2 роки тому в Nimbus Note - Windows OS • оновлено nimbusweb 1 рік тому 9

I have since upgrade OS to Windows 10 and since doing so I can no longer copy and paste in Nimbus. Works fine in other programs.

I am running version 2.0.9. 

Any ideas or better still a solution?

Thank you,


apologies yes, this is via the hot-key ctrl x (cut) and ctrl v (paste).


Hi, any progress with this fix? Really frustrating... Thank you.

i love this piece of software. however, this one tiny feature might be a deal breaker. hopefully not, since i finally found a text editor that works for me

This still doesn't work. When do you plan to have the update?

Undo and redo with Ctrl Z/Y is also buggy.