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Nimbus Button always showing "NEW" indicator even after update

netmizer 2 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated 2 years ago 9

After updating to the latest version of Numbus Screen Capture the Nimbus toolbar button always has a "NEW" indicator on it and links to a release notes page even though I have already installed the most current version.

Under review


Are you using any software for clean cookies?

I am not, thanks ... just using Firefox 64-bit 55.03.

Your provided a hint to discovering the issue. I am a web developer and it is not unusual for me to clear my cache 30 times a day during programming and testing (which is why the toolbar button keeps getting reset). Is it possible to disable this "NEW" version check because it's not accurate. There actually isn't a new version to view.

Unfortunately, TeamViewer is against company security policy. Thanks tho.

Ok. i will sent your bug to dev.team