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Uninstall don't work properly

Ulf Elfving 2 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated 2 years ago 2


(Windows 10, Desktop)

Since I am intensly testing now I import/delete and try NN out pretty rough

I have been uninstalling it a couple of times, but it seems the uninstall only deletes the icon on desktop and program files.

Nothing is deleted under AppData\Roaming\fvdmedia

The registry isn't cleaned up at all, since after an uninstall, and a new install, I am directly logged in to my account.

This seems to be a little security risk, since if I belive my data is deleted, someone can just install NN again at the computer, and not even be asked for login credentials.

Think this have to be considered carefully to next release.



Under review


This is standard behavior for Windows. Some of the program files are kept separately and not get deleted when you uninstall the program. Same happens for example if you uninstall browser. These files usually not important and won't cause any security risk.


Sorry, but I do think that you should delete at least the data file and get rid of registry values that seems to keep me logged in even after an uninstall.

I dont think that is standard, I do think it's up to the uninstall program to delete at least the stuff  AppData\Roaming\fvdmedia and the registry.

Have a great weekend!