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The cursor flutters at random!!!!

Megha 2 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated 2 years ago 11

The cursor flutters at random while copying pasting text/selecting text etc and it doesn't stop till I have to close it. I even have had to uninstall a lot due to this stupid glitch. I've already complained about this but nobody listens.So Damn Annoyed.

Under review


Problem on any notes or onlu with specific? Can you send example of note?


within the app only, the cursor starts fluttering when I try to copy paste text by using ctrl+c

try to copy paste text from here to there by using ctrl+c - From one note to other note? Right?

Notes are confidential? Can you send me links for check?

it doesn't have to do anything with notes, it's an app glitch

Ok, we will check this moment.

it keeps going like this

and the app don't even close after this glitch happens,it hangs the whole app

Ok, problem in IE (our editor based on IE). We are working for move to Chrome.

thanks, hope it gets resolved soon