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Tag counts are wrong

EricCh 3 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 11

The tag counts are wrong in the Windows app, but correct if I view my notes using Chrome.

I've seen this for weeks. Sometimes the tag counts are correct in the Windows app, but then the next day they'll be wrong again.

For instance, today I should have 168 notes with a tag of Notes. The Windows Nimbus app shows a count of 1.

I just stumbled onto something I think is key here. When my computer restarts, Nimbus Note starts automatically. I just realized, if I exit the app and restart, the tag counts are correct! So the tag counts are wrong when it auto starts with Windows.

I'm trying the setup19.01.2017 version now.

Strange. I sent your issue to dev.team

The private doesn't fix the tag count issue. I left Nimbus running all afternoon and at some point this evening the counts are wrong again. They were right initially, but are now wildly off. ie, tags which should have 4,000, show up as 41, etc.

The private version has crashed twice since I installed it this afternoon, so I don't think it's very stable.

Please tell me your OS.As i understsnd problem fixed after restart program and then appear again?

Windows 10. And yes, if I restart the program the counts are correct for a while, then an hour or two later they will be wrong again.

Ok, we found possible problem.

Very sorry, I was out for a couple days and just saw this. I'll check it now. Might be a day before I notice for sure if it's fixed.

Seems to be fixed. Thank you.