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How do you type Text on photo?

blogtv03 2 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 2 years ago 23

All I see an option for is to use PENCIL color to write text on photo, I can't figure out how to just make a box and type text on the photo, for a message before uploading, or making a meme? Please help


Do you want to edit image in note or make screenshot/single images with text boxes?

I had to take the photo to PAINT SHOP and add a text box, is that the only way to do it with this software, or like the PENCIL option, is there a text option? I only want to add text to any screen shot photo then post it. Thank you.

So this FIreFox addon will not do what I want it to do?l When I read about the software, it claims it does, but I can't find any controls for it. #Weird and Thanks, I guess.

No, you can use textbox (and stickers) on images in Firefox too.

You keep saying that, but no direction. I just want to type a message on any photo with a FONT. No stickers, or anthying, how do you make a text box? Which controls, that are not there on software?

I have it on my lap top computer through a FIREFOX addon and them options are NO WHERE in the software.

okay, I will try that. Thanks a million.

Same view: Here is what mine shows at top:

VIEW ALL PHOTOS --------------------------- SHARE - Zoom - Slideshow - Draw - Edit - Rotate the extra options drop down menu; OPEN WITH, COPY, PRINT, SET AS, File info. That is all the top menu. Understand?

Hmm. but we don't have Slideshow or Share buttons. Can you send screenshot of this menu?

Do you click on this button - https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/753852/meoe9olwmp0vdkuhy0bv ?

lol, you can't take a screen shot if it's not in the browser, but I did take photo but was too blurry to send you. LOL, maybe I try again. Where can I post the photo for you to see?

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It isn't our addon.

You need to open this url - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nimbus-screenshot/

Then press on the Add to Firefox.

Then press on our button - https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/753852/meoe9olwmp0vdkuhy0bv and make screenshot.

Then you can write text on screenshot and save to PC or Nimbus Note.

It just won't work. Thanks though.

Maybe some details? Can't capture screenshot or problem with text?

the first link just installed the same exact software.. 2nd link took me to a page on Firefox, in which I had to signup it would not let me use this same login, so I did it anyway, and I got to the editing software on that web page, not sure how they work together. I was just looking to add text to the photo, in the very same software where you have an option to write with pencil, under DRAW.

Thanks for the video, I do appreicate you attempt in helping me.

Yes, but my photo saves to a folder on Firefox, I use the arrow at top bar, click on photo name, it opens up in your software, and there is no way to transfer it to the web based system. If the software designers can put a "DRAW" button in that software, why can't they just add a "TEXT" button in same software? Most people do not want to free hand on photos aka "DRAW", that option I bet is rarely used, why not a "TEXT" button?

Unless that is my computer software and has NOTHING TO DO with screen shot., I just got this computer new, so maybe I am missing something here. I kind of feel stupid now, if that is the case.

Can you describe step by step your problem? You have photo and you need to write text on this photo?