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Folders and subfolders synchronization bug

mirceglavni 3 years ago in Nimbus Note / iPhone updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 18

Tested my slowly growing database in Nimbus Note with the iOS app, on iPad Pro 9.7", iOS 10.x.

After second synchronization, everything was there, including the structure of my folders and subfolders. After browsing a little bit in my base, suddenly the folder structure reverted to a previous version (ie the subfolders in my folders did'nt show). Interrestingly, all the notes were there, just not in there corresponding folder / subfolder.

I checked the web-version of Nimbus, fearing that somehow problem was transfered from the iPad version to the web-version: Fortunately, everything is fine there.

So I believe there is a bug in the iOS version. Happy to provide additional info if needed. iOS version of Nimbus Note was the one from 4-5 days ago; no updates shown in the AppStore.

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It is very strange. Open note info of one of problem notes in iPad - do you see right folder name?

Did you try to reinstall app?


The iPad is not with me, will try to reinstall it this evening. The thing is: not just one note is problematic, all of them are (well, except the 7 old ones which were there before my last big update to the base). To explain it: My folder Computer & Technics has 9 subfolders on the web-version; on iPad, it shows that there is only 1 subfolder (which I cannnot access - if I press on the folder, it brings me to the "No notes here..." (don't remember the exact wording) and the folder is empty. I will try your suggestions this evening and come back.


Ok, please write me if problem will repeat. We will check logs.


Something funny going on. uninstalled nimbus from ipad,redownloaded it. Made a full sync, same problem. All notes are there,however my folder structure isnt. On note info, correct folder is shown, however only the parent folder, not the whole folder path is shown, ie if the full path for a note is Windows/applications, only applications is shown as folder


i see the arrows, that's not the problem. Problem is that the folder structure that i get is obsolete, showing a previous state. Currently, in web editor, i have a folder Computer & technics which has 9 subfolders. On the ipad,if i go to the computer & technics folders there are no subfolders. Same thing with my other folders. The state which is shown is a previous synchronization state,but only with regard to the folder structure. The notes are all there if i go to the show all notes view


Ok, your account is mirc****@gmail.com ? I sent issue to dev.team. We will check logs.


One question - how did you change folder structure? Did you use version for PC or web-client?

well,both actually, started with the pc version, but was too buggy so switched to web client.

Yes,this is my account.

Ok, how did you change folders? Did you create new or move one folder to other?

I created them by selecting the parent filder, right click and create new subfolder.

We can't see any errors for your acc :( It is strange. Can you reinstall app now and sync again. We will check logs step by step?

I will reinstall Nimbus note on the ipad this evening. Maybe the following thing is related: I have a folder withing my account which I cannot delete. If I right-click on it, it shows only Create Folder / Create Subfolder / Rename / Create New Note / Share folder. However, no delete option. I checked every other folder - they have the delete option. What is strange is that this folder also doesn't show up on my Andoird Nimbus Note, although all other folders and notes are synchronised without problem.

Could this be related to the problem?

Update: I renamed the problematic folder, and now it shows up in Android Nimbus. However, still no luck with deleting it, be it on Android or in the web-editor.

Do you mean My Notes folder?

The folder has another name, but it is possible that it was originally the "My Notes" folder. I presume then that the no-delete option is by design.

Will try the reinstalling thing when I get hold of my ipad.

BTW, as I am more and more using Nimbus Note, I am amazed by the thoughtfulness that you guys have put into all the Nimbus apps. One can see from the design that you have experience in actively using information management software (PIM's, Outliners or however you wanna call it). Congratulations for all of you!

Yes, you can't delete My Notes - it is default folder. You can rename it.

Thank you )

i think i see where the problem is. Reinstalled the app, restarted the ipad,synced. The current folder structure at top level is shown correctly. However, when i try to open the subfolders, i again come to the "no notes view". Wanted to thrash the ipad, but then figured it finally out:

I am in the top level, i see 4 folders. 2 of them have no subfolders and just some notes. The other 2 have no 'direct notes' (there is a 0 in the parenthesis: (0), but several subfolders with notes. Normally,to see the subfolders of a top level folder,you click the > sign.

This is where the bug is: if your top level folder has no 'direct notes', clicking on the > symbol will not bring up the list of subfolders, but instead go to the notes of the top level folder. In order to get to the list of subfolders, you have to click between the (0) and >, which is often a hit and miss thing.

The problem is not present if the top level folder has at least one direct note.

Can you reproduce this error? Could it be related to the higher screen resolution of the ipad pro?


I sent problem to dev.team. We will check and fix on iPad Pro.