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Cannot delete Nimbus Note account

manga.are.cool 3 years ago in Nimbus Notes - Chrome • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 3

This is an irritating bug that doesn't allow me to delete my account. I click the Delete Account in the settings. Then I type my correct password, but still the message that pops up is 'Can't remove your account, please check that password you entered is valid.' I've tried changing my password and trying to delete it again. I tried restoring my password and deleting the account. Still the same results each and every time.Please help!

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Do you need to delete this acc - manga.are.cool ?

Yes. I only have one account. As I understand it, this account also applies to the web app and the everhelper app. I no longer want to use the web app account and I want it gone. What do I do?

Done. But why? Maybe i can help you?