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Sync failed

Extanza 3 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated 3 years ago 7


I've got a sync failed message despite my monthly quota is not exceeding. How can I solve this ?

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How did you create your notes? Articles for example. Imported from EverNote?

Absolutely. Nearly all of them were imported from Evernote.

What did you do after import? It is very strange problem.

Any news? I can send you special version with database repairing.

I've found a workaround by uniinstalling, cleaning all remaining files on the hard drives and reinstalling everything.

Your swift reply encouraged me to puchase a monthly subscription.

Problem solved.

Thanks for your help.

Ok, buy i already set your account as premium ) You have premium for 2 month now.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

That is top support.